metalheart's Journal

14 November
you know you love me!

alan cumming, amélie, andy warhol, angelina jolie, ani difranco, badly drawn boy, beautiful thing, bis, bitch and animal, brian molko, bully, but i'm a cheerleader, cabaret, canada, captain morgan, cat power, catcher in the rye, cecil b demented, christian bale, cibo matto, conversations with god, cruel intentions, dan bern, danny elfman, david bowie, donnie darko, dressy bessy, drinking, drop dead fred, eddie izzard, elizabeth, elliott smith, f.r.i.e.n.d.s, feminism, foxfire, france, franka potente, frente, geoffrey rush, gia, ginger ale, glam rock, good will hunting, grandaddy, gregg araki, grocery stores, gwyneth paltrow, gypsy, hackers, happy dog, heatmiser, hedwig, jackie brown, jake gyllenhaal, janet weiss, jason lee, jeff buckley, john cameron mitchell, jonathan rhys meyers, jonny lee miller, keith haring, kevin smith, labyrinth, le tigre, little boy blue, little women, lou reed, lovage, madonna, matt, matt damon, mike patton, mix tapes, moby, movie marathons, mr. bungle, my mom, natasha lyonne, new hope, new york city, olde towne tavern, pecker, pj harvey, placebo, playing by heart, portishead, pot, princess and the warrior, quasi, quentin tarantino, rasputina, road trips, rocky horror picture show, rufus wainwright, run lola run, ryan phillippe, sam coomes, shag, shop n save, sleater-kinney, snoop doggy dogg, south street, suzanne vega, sylvia plath, tattoos, tegan and sara, the anniversary party, the bell jar, the butchies, the garment district, the godfather, the gossip, the royal tenenbaums, the smiths, the velvet underground, thrift stores, tomahawk, tori amos, trainspotting, tub ring, tupac, velvet goldmine, vintage, violin, virgin suicides, ziggy stardust