31 Jul 2006-06:06pm
well here i am once again! i see it's been a little over a year since i was here last! things have been pretty good. matt and i are still together---now we have an apartment together that's located directly being the olde towne! it can be a lot of fun most of the time, but we have visitors an awful lot which can get quite tiresome. it's very convenient for everyone. i'm still working there a few nights a week. i'm thinking of quitting at michael's in about 3 weeks so i can pick up like two more days at the bar. it's just so close to home, and i'd make about the same amount in two days at the bar than a whole week at mikey's! i've been thinking about going back to school next spring too, so i'd have to quite then anyway. i'm also really sick of working 60 hours a week and sometimes never even having a full day off each week. ick. i love framing though so who knows.

my family is as crazy as usual. my cousin and his girlfriend practically robbed my grandmother a few months ago so they could buy crack. i wanted to murder him for that! i think he's still doing drugs now, but aparently nothing "as bad" as crack. i haven't seen him since, so i have no idea. other than that, everything is good. my sister eden is having another baby in february, so that will be exciting.

some of my friends are getting married now, which is just SO weird! we're all getting old, and it's scary. but hell, i'm ready to get married. shit, i want a house! not our shitty ass apartment. we just have too much junk for that small place.

anyway, i shadowboxed matt's very first skateboard for his birthday! it's quite a nice wall decoration. his friends also made a skate video, and they premiered it right up the street from my house at the sellersville theatre. it was awesome. lotsa people showed up, and it was a pretty good video.

i don't think there's much else to tell about my past year. well actually, i am leaving out most of it, but nothing sticks out in my mind. ah well, i'm sure i'll be back sometime soon (haha) to update on my wonderful life. i sure miss this place!
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06 Jul 2005-11:14am
>>mood - high

so today is matt's birthday! 25! old! i hope it's a fun day. i got him a goonies poster off ebay and then i framed it at mikey's. it looks pretty cool. i only hope he likes it! i also got him some books and the friday the 13th boxset (which i already gave him). he told me he wanted to get the poster awhile ago. i hope it's the right one. but, it was practically the only one i could find.

we're going to the beach tomorrow with lynda. her birthday is tomorrow, so it worked out. i'm excited to go away, even only for one day.

lots of weird people from high school were in the bar last night. ok not lots, but some who i don't think had ever come in before. it was really, a pretty strange night. i ran my ass off, and it was kind of a nightmare. matt got drunk in about 45 minutes. he always comes in at some point, but he's been getting there pretty late recently. well, he got there at 1, and of course everyone bought him drinks. i was kind of annoyed by the end of the night. everyone got so drunk, which was really my fault. most of them always act pretty normal and not crazy. tom and his friends though were nuts! but he's another one of the bartenders, so it's ok for him. haha.

anyway, i'm hungry.

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27 Jun 2005-01:59pm
okay, now a survey i stole from it_certainly_is

hereCollapse )

it's amazing i can still remember how to do all of this.
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27 Jun 2005-01:21pm
well hello! i haven't been here in quite some time. i've missed it, but i still haven't been able to get myself to post anything. things have been okay. nothing too exciting or new.
matty and i went to see dan bern at the point a few weeks ago which was something exciting. i got him to sign his book for me, and i bought a cd as well. it's a real shame that the point will be closing.
my brother in law had his 30th birthday bash last saturday too which was loads of fun! we played quates with tommy, amber, the oldest horger brother brett (who's probably the coolest out of all of them!), and some other chick (i think his girlfriend) a lot of the time. and out front where no one could find us/steal our fun!
i think today we will be going to shangy's, that awesome grocery store-like beer place! i need to get myself a case of hacker-pshorr, which is some real good wheat ale kinda similar to blue moon. yum! i think we'll be getting our dads some cases too for their birthdays. i'm also supposed to go fishing with matt and possibly wes too. thank goodness it's kind of raining so maybe we won't be able to go! haha, although fishing can be fun at times. and maybe later we'll be off to finn mccool's to see their open mic like we normally do.
well ken at michael's (my frame shop manager) was just promoted to the store assistant manager, which may mean i will be promoted to his old position soon! i know we're getting a new manager soon, but eventually i may take over, which is pretty cool i think. (although i am pretty busy already with my position and bartending twice a week.)
which gets me to the point that i can finally afford to move out, which matt and i are trying to do sometime very soon! we're hoping to take wes's apartment when he moves out. he's supposed to move out either in a few days (which i doubt) or by the end of july (i hope!). that'll be good so i can still save a little more for it. or we can save more. matt's grandfather died a bit ago, and we have most of our furniture; all we need is a couch and we're all set! it's great. (not that he died, but that we have everything we need now!)
yeah, so a few months ago, i was in an accident leaving finn mccool's. some asshole decided to run a red light and hit me. it sucked. especially because i had a few drinks at the bar, so when the police came, i was arrested for dui! oh it was the most horrible night ever. i had to be taken that night for a blood test of course, and then they took me to get my pictures taken (including my tattoos) and to get my fingerprints. :( today was supposed to be my preliminary hearing, but my lawyer couldn't make it, so it'll be july 25th. it's going to be $2500 for my lawyer and whatever other court costs i have, plus the cost for the ard classes, which i hope they will allow me to take. see, since there was a car accident involved, they may not let me, which really sucks! my lawyer did say however that since i was not the one who was at fault for the accident, no one was hurt, etc, it shouldn't be a problem. so that would mean i'd take the classes, lose my license for one month, and then be on probation for a year! if i don't get the classes, i will go to jail for 48 hours (scary!) and lose my license/be on probation for a year! i sure as hell hope they allow me to have the ard man, coz i wouldn't be able to stand not having a license for an entire year. (not to mention the jail time! yikes!) but, my lawyer thinks it'll all work out. afterall, those assholes all know each other, so i'm so sure he'll help me out.
next week is my fun yearly checkup so i can get my birth control refilled. oh how i am looking forward to it! haha. (it's really not that bad!) but the next day, i get to go to the beach overnight with my sister and matt for their birthdays. should be a fun time!! i can't wait to get away, even if it is only for a day. but i'll be going to folk fest at the end of august which is pretty much my only vacation this year. it'll be fun though.
does anyone know of any good face wash or anything really good to do for skin in general? i used to be on an antibiotic, but when i started taking the pill, i couldn't continue with them. now my face has been driving me crazy coz it just isn't clear, and i feel like i just look like shit all the time. i hate it! if anyone knows of anything, i'd greatly appreciate it. i heard arbonne has this good system that really works, but no one i know is having any parties anytime soon. lynda mentioned having a joint party, which sounds great to me! hopefully i get this apartment, and we can have it there!
well, i think i've rambled on enough for one day. maybe (only maybe) i'll be back again soon! :D
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19 Feb 2005-11:50am
i have the worst cramps ever, and it's not even time for my period. tomorrow i start my sugar pill, so it's kinda weird. i hate it!

last night we stayed out too late again. of course i don't remember some things that happened when we got home. why does it always happen?! haha, i had a good time though except my sister strolled in around 1 and informed me of a new love interest (not her husband). i think they'll be getting a divorce soon, which is sad because i think al is great! oh well. not my life.

i ordered a pink ipod last night along with the wireless radio adapter thing for a little more than $350. i cannot wait for them to arrive! it's so exciting. i wasn't that interested when matt said he wanted to buy me one, but now i'm just so excited for it!

sean's in town, unfortunately for a funeral, but i hope he comes to see me at the bar tonight!

alright this is boring. maybe i will take a bath.
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